Participation in DirectTrust Standards is open for application to any person or company that has a direct and material interest within the respective scope of the work of the organization. DirectTrust membership is not a prerequisite for membership in Standards development.

Members are expected to participate in good faith in and in accordance with professional standards, respecting the Standards Workgroup Rules, and actively participating through attendance, voting, correspondence, and other obligations.



DirectTrust Standards development seeks to be inclusive and represent all stakeholders with a direct and material interest within the respective scope of the relevant Standards Workgroup. As such, DirectTrust Standards aims for balance and a lack of dominance of each Standards Workgroup. 

To achieve this balance, the DirectTrust Standards development has established various Interest Categories that stakeholders may fall into with the intent that a single Interest Category may not dominate any particular Standards Workgroup.

Interest Categories


Organizations and individuals shall choose to be associated with the Interest Category in which their primary business or interest purpose lies.  Interest categories include the following (select tabs for examples):

Health Information Organizations

Health Information Service Providers HISPS (as a primary business) 

Exchange and Systems Integration Technology vendors

Identity and Registration

Electronic Health Record Companies

Population Health Companies

Personal Health Record and Wellness Companies

Other technology companies

  Integrated Delivery Networks  

Accountable Care Organizations  

Acute Care Organizations  

Ambulatory Care Organizations  

Post Acute Care Organizations        

Other organizations providing care to patients   

Regulatory Agencies  

Public Payers 

Private Insurance Companies  

Consumer Focused Companies

Consumer advocates


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