Membership Application


DirectTrust Membership is not required for participation in DirectTrust Standards. To participate in standards development, participants must be a member of DirectTrust or DirectTrust Standards.

 DirectTrust membership includes participation in DirectTrust Standards as well as the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to influence and shape the DirectTrust¬†Trust Framework
  • Access to DirectTrust deliverables and intellectual property, as well as participation in workgroups
  • Insight into the work being done by your colleagues in the community
  • Discounted access to DirectTrust products, notably the accreditation process
  • Up to date information about the continually evolving regulatory environment

For DirectTrust members and DirectTrust Standards participants:


  • Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable
  • All members must use mature judgment in choosing language used on calls, in posts, and in all other communications with and to other members.
  • All members of DirectTrust are responsible for their behavior and are expected to adhere to all policies, rules and expectations for the workgroup or program they are involved with. Members are held individually responsible for the decisions they make regarding their behavior.
  • All members will adhere to DirectTrust policies, procedures and rules.